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Ecologically (and ECHOlogically) Sound Techniques

Geotechnical and environmental geophysical investigations employ non-destructive techniques to image areas of interest. Geophysical techniques use the contrast in physical properties of materials to locate their boundaries.  Most targets of interest have physical properties that differ enough to be distinguishable from one another using proper equipment and techniques.  What are you looking for?

  •   Rock
  •   Fe Metals
  •   non-Fe Metals
  •   Concrete
  •   Asphalt
  •   Asbestos
  •   PVC
  •   Rubber
  •   Wood
  •   Clay
  •   Sand
  •   Lead
  •  Hydrocarbon
  •   Water
  •   Saline
  •   PCB
  •   Snow
  •   Leachate
ECHOTECH uses the following non-invasive techniques to take advantage of different specific physical properties.  Think of the unique properties you are looking for on your project site as you explore these techniques or simply call us and take advantage of our expertise.

 A single geophysical survey provides one part of a typically complex picture.  Multiple targets and changing geologic or background conditions typically require using several geophysical and complimentary investigative tools.  Knowing when and what to use is the key to success. 

Proper project development:

  •  Define the objective and scope!
  •  Characterize the environment.
  •  Combine all available data types.
  •  Work closely with the client!

Compare the cost of digging with a backhoe to locate an abandoned dump site with the cost of conducting a quick and non-destructive magnetic survey on your property and you will be pleased with how geophysics can help your bottom line.

Every environmental or geotechnical problem presents a unique set of challenges. We would be glad to discuss your project with you. Whether you need to locate the depth and position of rebar in a bridge deck or define the stratigraphy of a golf putting green, geophysics may provide valuable information collected in a non-destructive manner.  Be sure to peruse our sample projects to see some examples of geophysical investigations in action.


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