Qualifications (SOQ)
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Brad Isbell
Stephanie Isbell
Bill Isbell

Statement of Qualifications

The one thing that all of our clients understand is that ECHOTECH is committed to solving their problems.  We understand that projects can often become larger than originally expected, once the full characterization is complete.  Our network of professionals allows us to adapt to large projects and meet the needs of our clients without requiring clients to pay overhead for expertise they don't need.

We own and maintain the necessary equipment to perform on your projects quickly, confidently and cost-effectively.  We also have trained and licensed personnel who understand the company philosophy of quality and value.

Our key personnel include the following professionals:

William Bradley Isbell, MS
Founder and Director of Geosciences

Stephanie Ammons Isbell, PhD
Director of Research and Development

William M. Isbell, PhD
Senior Research Specialist, Semi-Retired



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