Site Audits
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Environmental site audits are comprehensive property evaluations which address historic and present uses to determine what environmental concerns may exist.  Assessments are conducted in phases.  A Phase I Assessment is trying to answer one important question: Is there any indication that an environmental hazard may still exist on the property? 

If the Phase I concludes a hazard may be present, then the report will recommend that a Phase II Assessment be conducted.  The Phase II Assessment will use direct investigative techniques to quantify the extent of any hazards and make recommendations on necessary remedial actions.

Phase III work will mitigate the problem.


Environmental Site Audits

  •  Phase I  Environmental Assessments
  •  Phase II Environmental Assessments
  •  Phase III Oversight
  •  Third-Party Verification
  •  Property Inspections
  •  Hazardous Waste Site Characterizations



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