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Geophysical Surveys
Site Audits
Material Testing
Natural Resources

Environmental Services
  •  Geophysical and Geological Surveys
    •  Baseline Characterizations
    •  Electrical Resistivity
    •  Induced Polarization
    •  Electromagnetic Methods
    •  Ground Penetrating Radar
    •  Magnetic Methods
    •  High Resolution Metal Detection
    •  Seismic Methods
    •  Global Positioning System (GPS) Mapping
  •  Environmental Site Audits
    •  Phase I  Environmental Assessments
    •  Phase II Environmental Assessments
    •  Phase III Oversight
    •  Third-Party Verification
    •  Property Inspections
    •  Hazardous Waste Site Characterizations
  •  Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
    •  Hazardous Material Investigations
    •  Landfarm Design, Construction and Administration
    •  Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies (CERCLA/RCRA)
    •  Voluntary Cleanup and Redevelopment Act (VCRA) Voluntary Cleanup Plans (VCP)
    •  Montana State Licensed Underground Storage Tank Inspector
  •  Non-Invasive Investigations
    •  Water and Soil Sampling
    •  Rebar Verification
    •  Dam Inspections
    •  Structural Surveys
    •  Bridge Scour Inspections
    •  Void Detection
  •  Natural Resource Management and Mineral Exploration
    •  Baseline Characterizations
    •  Geophysical Exploration Techniques
    •  Ground Water Investigations
    •  Water and Soil Sampling
    •  Source Water Protection Reports
    •  Snow / Ice Pack Surveys
    •  Mine Waste Assessments




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