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Jet Fuel Refinery
Mine Shafts
French Drain
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ECHOTECH has a strict confidentiality policy.  We often work at sensitive sites and all of our personnel are acutely aware that each client is the owner and only recipient of any project information.  The sample projects on our web site have been graciously allowed by clients who understand the benefit of working together to solve today's environmental concerns.

Generic Example

Complicated projects like determining the extent of contamination at an abandoned dump site require an integrated, multi-phase approach consisting of:

(1) a preliminary site assessment using historical data, interviews with key personnel, aerial photography, and on-site inspections, to estimate the potential target types and approximate the project boundaries;

(2) geophysical surveys to pinpoint buried targets and boundaries, estimate contamination volumes, and delineate leachate plumes;

(3) test wells at representative targets and boundaries to ground-truth the results obtained by the geophysical surveys; and

(4) a remediation plan to address any contaminant sources and associated migration plumes.  The plan should be designed to mitigate liability and solve the problem in the most cost-effective expeditious way possible.


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