Metal Detectors
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Metal detectors and magnetometers are used to locate buried metallic objects like underground storage tanks and piping. A Geonics EM-61 is a high-resolution time-domain electromagnetic metal detector that detects both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic objects. It can detect a 55 gallon drum buried 3 meters deep. This unit has a focused one-meter footprint and is best used to define targets at known sites or in areas with nearby cultural interference such as fences, buildings, or power lines.

ECHOTECH has combined this precision instrument with a real-time sub-decimeter differential global positioning system (GPS) and designed a non-conductive deployment trailer which allows us to collect continuous EM-61 data over large acreages very rapidly.  Data can be collected with this system along one-meter separated profiles at a rate of 2 acres per hour!

The EM61 Survey at the Mosby Jet Fuel Refinery located buried underground distribution piping and associated containment vessels.  Some of the detected 3 inch pipe was buried 8 feet deep.  Many of the metallic objects were undetected prior to conducting this survey.


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