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Locating Groundwater

Electrical resistivity is the most useful geophysical technique for locating ground water in most environments.  The contrast in resistivity between dry and wet alluvium or between bedrock and water-filled fractures allows for imaging of profiles similar to the ones below.


Two dry wells had been drilled on an adjacent property prior to our investigations and the developer was very concerned having already built three spec homes.  The aquifer below this sub-division mainly flows through selected bedrock fractures and a sinusoidal channel system within the alluvial overburden.

Two 300-foot deep dry wells were drilled on the west side (right) of this 6 acre property.  The resistivity profile showed that a shallow rotational fault block in the center of the property had created a hydrologic barrier.  After determining the best location to drill based on this profile, two 75-foot bedrock wells were located east of this barrier which produced 10 and 25 gallons per minute. 


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