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Electromagnetic methods induce currents into the ground which generate magnetic fields whose strength is a function of the terrain conductivity.  The transmitter and receiver coils do not contact the ground thus allowing for rapid data collection in most climatic conditions and terrains.  A Geonics EM-31 has an effective depth of investigation of about six meters and a Geonics EM-34 uses three variable depths of exploration down to about 60 meters.  Data are typically presented as conductivity profiles or as contoured apparent isoconductivity maps.

ECHOTECH has combined these precision instruments with a real-time sub-decimeter differential global positioning system (GPS) and designed a non-conductive deployment trailer system which allows us to collect continuous EM-34 data over large acreages very rapidly.  We have successfully collected data at rates as fast as 15 miles per hour and maintained production rates of over one square mile per day!


This isoconductivity map highlights hydrocarbon contaminated soils at an abandoned jet fuel refinery.  The more conductive soils (blue) are indicative of bioremediation of the petrochemicals.



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