Bill Isbell
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Senior Research Specialist, Semi-Retired

Doctorate in Engineering, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, 1989
Bachelor of Arts in Physics, University of California, Berkeley, 1954

Current Position:
Echotech Geophysical: 1997-Present. Consultant for all aspects of research and development of materials and instrumentation.

Army Science Board:  2002-present.  Consultant for U.S. Army Advanced Planning.

ATA Associates: 1975-Present. President and owner, Santa Barbara, California.

XonTech, Inc.: 1998-Present. Consultant to Boeing Corporation for National Missile Defense.

General Research Corporation: 1976-2002. Principal Scientist, System Test and Evaluation.

Current Technical Areas of Interest:
Design and Manufacture: Optical and electronic instruments for remote measurement of dynamic processes, with application to impact and penetration of geologic materials, chip-resistant automobile paints, high pressure properties of materials, others. Customers include: Army Research Laboratory; Naval Surface Weapons Center; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Sandia National Laboratories; Japan Defense Agency; Ford Motor Company; BASF Corporation; and numerous laboratories worldwide.

Ballistic Missile Defense and Conventional Weapons Studies: System Effectiveness Evaluation Target design and instrumentation. Remote sensor systems to determine the lethality of kinetic energy defensive weapon systems against theater and strategic ballistic missiles. Customers include: Ballistic Missile Defense Organization; Defense Nuclear Agency /Defense Special Weapons Agency; Army Space and Missiles Defense Command; Army Research and Development Establishment Center; USAF Eglin AFB; Naval Surface Weapons Center.

Selected Publications:
Over 150 publications and reports in the field of advanced instrumentation and applications to system assessments.  Author of book entitled, "Understanding the Effects of Shock Waves on Materials: Theory, Experimental Techniques, and Test Results".


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