Baseline Surveys
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Baseline Surveys are conducted at facilities that intend to install containment structures or handle hazardous materials.  Ideally, the survey is designed and data are collected prior to any construction.  Once the facilities are constructed, another baseline data set is collected.  These two data sets serve as the original uncontaminated images of the facility to which any future data sets are compared. 

Subsequent surveys are collected at periodic intervals as a method of monitoring the facility or at any time in the event of a material release.  Discrepancies between the baseline data sets and subsequent data sets highlight the areas of concern.  The extent of contamination or even the existence of a release can be quickly identified and quantified.

Creating a baseline data set provides extremely valuable information if you are faced with a catastrophic event or when used with a regular monitoring program.  Baseline data can be your insurance policy against speculative litigation.


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